SOW Tribe

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Juse Taylor

Co-founder, Creative Director

A 25-year-old entrepreneur, God-driven wife and mother of three, Juse (short for Jerusalem), grew up traveling the U.S. with her family of nine. Living in several states, including California, Texas, and Hawaii, Juse's creative vision is shaped by her exposure to vast landscapes, mountain ranges, and seaside sunsets. She settled in San Francisco, where she met and fell in love with her husband, Landon (so cliche right?) and now reside in Orange County. Juse has had a passion for art as long as she can remember, whether drawing, painting, writing music or sewing, she has always been creating something. But it wasn't until her family spent a year homeless that Juse made a vow to herself and God that she would use her creativity to give back to those less fortunate than herself. Through this experience, she learned valuable lessons about the personal impact of poverty, and also the true meaning of family, community, and contentment, because of the countless people who supported her and her family in their time of greatest need. Juse believes that with God, anything is possible and with his word as guidance in her life, she can help and inspire others by using her talents through SOW. [Ephesians 3:20] - @jusetaylor

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Jessica Willis

Co-founder, Chief Marketing Officer

A lover of Jesus, music, and culture, Jessica a native to Hawaii and California by the product of being a military kid, she is passionate about making a difference in a creative way.
Close to her family and friends, she enjoys going to local shows, being involved at church, and exploring the world and the beauty in it.
As a tribe member of State Of Wild she is excited to be able to help others in their time in need and share the same passion together.
Since being born and raised on the island of Oahu she adopted the lifestyle of living by the Aloha spirit.
Whether that means creating family wherever you are or embracing the person God intended you to be.
She is looking forward of what is to come and grateful to God to be given this opportunity to live out her dreams. - @jwillis808

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Nikole Adan

Chief Visionary Officer

Passion and out-of-the-box thinking define this true California native. The perfect storm of philanthropist and free spirit, Nikole Adan spearheads service projects out of a her personal love for her powerful God. Full to the brim, she sought an outlet to share this kind of love through fundraisers for those in need, volunteerism at local soup kitchens, and even the construction of homes for foreign families without a place to live. Her hands-on approach to service and uncanny resourcefulness began from a young age. Growing up surrounded by a family committed to selfless love, and as the only girl amongst 3 other boys, fostered a desert flower tough enough to place in the ceaseless water-balloon wars, and with the grace to show promise in music, writing, drawing and of course sewing. In the prime of her youth, Nikole has felt many callings, but with SOW, she has her sights excitedly set on fulfilling her second most important calling: loving her neighbor as herself. - @Neekida